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Re: [Xen-devel] One question about the hypercall to translate gfn to mfn.

On 18/12/14 16:08, Tim Deegan wrote:
>> yep. Just curious, I thought stubdomain is not popularly used. typical
>> > case is to have qemu in dom0. is this still true? :-)
> Some do and some don't. :)  High-security distros like Qubes and
> XenClient do.  You can enable it in xl config files pretty easily.
> IIRC the xapi toolstack doesn't use it, but XenServer uses privilege
> separation to isolate the qemu processes in dom0.

We are looking into stubdomains as part of future architectural roadmap,
but as identified, there is a lot of toolstack plumbing required before
this be feasible to put into XenServer.

Our privilege separate in qemu is a stopgap measure which we would like
to replace in due course.


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