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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4] x86: add p2m_mmio_write_dm


At 17:01 +0800 on 04 Dec (1417708878), Yu, Zhang wrote:
> I just noticed that in __hvm_copy()/__hvm_clear(), the grant types are 
> handled before the p2m_ram_ro - will return HVMCOPY_unhandleable. So if
> p2m_is_discard_write() is supposed to replace the handling of 
> p2m_ram_ro, handling of p2m_grant_map_ro will still return 
> HVMCOPY_unhandleable, before the p2m_is_discard_write() predicate.
> Even we move the testing of p2m_is_discard_write() before the handling 
> of grant types, it seems not quite clean.
> By "over-strict in their failure to handle grant types.", do you also 
> mean this?

Yes, that's the sort of thing I meant.  I'll try to write a patch for
that later today or next week -- in the meantime I think you should
ignore it. :)

An unrelated thought: when you send your next version can you send it
as a two-patch series, where the first patch does the
p2m_is_discard_write() changes and the second adds your new type?



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