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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/4] sysctl/libxl: Add interface for returning IO topology data

On 12/03/2014 10:20 AM, Andrew Cooper wrote:
On 02/12/14 21:34, Boris Ostrovsky wrote:
  /* XEN_SYSCTL_topologyinfo */
  #define INVALID_TOPOLOGY_ID  (~0U)
+struct xen_sysctl_cputopo {
+    uint32_t core;
+    uint32_t socket;
+    uint32_t node;
+typedef struct xen_sysctl_cputopo xen_sysctl_cputopo_t;
+struct xen_sysctl_iotopo {
+    uint16_t seg;
+    uint8_t bus;
+    uint8_t devfn;
+    uint32_t node;
+typedef struct xen_sysctl_iotopo xen_sysctl_iotopo_t;
  struct xen_sysctl_topologyinfo {
       * IN: maximum addressable entry in the caller-provided arrays.
-     * OUT: largest cpu identifier in the system.
+     * OUT: largest cpu identifier or max number of devices in the system.
       * If OUT is greater than IN then the arrays are truncated!
       * If OUT is leass than IN then the array tails are not written by sysctl.
      uint32_t max_cpu_index;
+    uint32_t max_devs;
       * If not NULL, these arrays are filled with core/socket/node identifier
-     * for each cpu.
-     * If a cpu has no core/socket/node information (e.g., cpu not present)
-     * then the sentinel value ~0u is written to each array.
-     * The number of array elements written by the sysctl is:
+     * for each cpu and/or node for each PCI device.
+     * If information for a particular entry is not avalable it is set to
+     * The number of array elements for CPU topology written by the sysctl is:
       *   min(@max_cpu_index_IN,@max_cpu_index_OUT)+1
-    XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(uint32) cpu_to_core;
-    XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(uint32) cpu_to_socket;
-    XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(uint32) cpu_to_node;
+    XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(xen_sysctl_cputopo_t) cputopo;
+    XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_64(xen_sysctl_iotopo_t) iotopo;
These are inherently lists with different indicies.  They should not
conglomerated like this.

I don't follow this. These are indeed lists with different indicies but why can't they both be part of this struct?


I would suggest introducing a new hypercall (xen_sysctl_iotopologyinfo
?) and leave this one alone.


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