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Re: [Xen-devel] segfault in xl create for HVM with PCI passthrough

On Mon, 2014-10-27 at 22:25 +0100, Atom2 wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I have used XEN for quiet some time and after a steep learning curve I 
> have always been a very happy user! XEN is really a great product. 
> Unfortunately I am now facing a problem that leaves me at loss:
> Using gentoo as a rolling distribution I recently I upgraded to XEN 
> 4.3.3 (from 4.3.1) and also upgraded the gcc compiler to 4.8.3 (from 
> 4.7.3). Both packages are the latest stable versions available under gentoo.
> After emerging (that is the re-compilation and installation of XEN 4.3.3 
> on my machine) following a toolchain upgrade to the new gcc I can't 
> start my two HVM FreeBSD virtual machines anymore. Both use PCI 
> passthrough devices and both the motherboard and the processor support 
> VT-d. XEN PV gentoo domUs (without passed through PCI devices) still 
> start up (but are useless for me at the moment as they depend on the 
> services provided by the tow HVM domus).
> The error when starting manifests itself as follows:
> # xl create -c pfsense
> Parsing config from 01:pfsense.1
>    Loader:        0000000000100000->00000000001c12a4
>    Modules:       0000000000000000->0000000000000000
>    TOTAL:         0000000000000000->000000001f800000
>    ENTRY ADDRESS: 0000000000100000
>    4KB PAGES: 0x0000000000000200
>    2MB PAGES: 0x00000000000000fb
>    1GB PAGES: 0x0000000000000000
> Segmentation fault
> #
> The domU is in a state of paused for reasons unknown to me and does not 
> use any CPU cycles:

Domains are created paused and then unpaused at the end of the creation
process, presumably this didn't happen because xl segfaulted first.

Please can you run the command under gdb and grab a back trace. It would
also be useful to "xl -vvv create pfsense".

> pci          = [ '04:00.0', '0a:08.0', '0a:0b.0' ]

You say in $subject that the failure is with PCI, is that because you've
tried an HVM domain without and it is ok, or is it just that all your
HVM domains happen to have passthrough enabled?


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