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Re: [Xen-devel] performance save/restore under xen-4.3.2 compared to kvm/qemu

On 25/08/14 14:35, max ustermann wrote:
>  Hi,
> first, thank you for the Information.
> For clearness i will comment, that i did the tests with an HVM Guest (Windows 
> XP) not with an PV-Guest. Make this any diffenrence to your explanations?

Not at all.  My explanation still stands, especially the bit about 4
times faster.

> and then i would like to ask, are your modifications anywere avaible? are 
> they in the unstable-tree of xen ????

I am working to try and get them included in Xen-4.5 before the code
freeze, but there is currently nothing in xen-unstable. 
Work-in-progress is available on my personal xenbits tree:



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