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Re: [Xen-devel] performance save/restore under xen-4.3.2 compared to kvm/qemu

On 25/08/14 13:06, ustermann.max@xxxxxx wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> i hope, i am right here with my question.
> i have an vm with 1 GB main memory under Xen-4.3.2, if i measure the times 
> for save and restore via "time", i got the following values:
> save:
> real    0m12.136s
> user    0m0.175s
> sys     0m2.662s
> restore:
> real    0m8.639s
> user    0m0.468s
> sys     0m1.807s
> if i do the same with an vm under kvm/qemu (1GB main memory), i got this 
> values:
> save:
> real    0m10.024s
> user    0m0.008s
> sys     0m0.003s
> restore:
> real    0m0.525s
> user    0m0.015s
> sys     0m0.004s
> the host hardware is in both cases the same.
> iÂm real surprise about the huge difference for the needed time for restore, 
> also that xen use much more time in kernel-mode (sys).
> Can anyone give me some hints from where this difference can came?
> Is there a way to speedup the restore-process in xen?
> IÂm thankful for every hint
> all the best 
> max

Xen and KVM are two different types of hypervisor.  By its nature,
kvm/qemu has less to do for migration, as it already has full access to
the VMs memory.

It looks plausibly like qemu restore is mmap()ing the restore file and
running straight from there.  You are never going to manage this under
Xen, because of the extra isolation inherent in the Xen model.

In terms of raw speed, my migration v2 series (still in development) has
fixed several performance problems in the old migration code 
Particularly in the case of your example, my new code will be 4 times
faster as it is not mapping everything up to 4GB in the VM.

I have also identified a bottleneck in the Linux PVOps kernel where the
mmap batch ioctl takes a batch size of 1024 and generates 1024 batch
hypercalls of batch size 1.  Fixing this will certainly make the
mapping/unmapping faster.


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