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[Xen-devel] virtualization Android OS + XEN.


I am working on a project Virtualdroid where I aim to achieve isolation for each VM.

After having considered various options like QEMU or XVIsor now I have narrowed down to Xen reason being that its architecture of domains suits what my requirements are.

I am new to Xen, having spent most of the time on QEMU and Virtualbox, so sorry for basic question, but just wanted to check that is XEN community targeting ARM for mobile devices and do we have releases specific for ARM mobile devices.

In most of the forums I read about the support for ARM servers and on the other hand I saw a presentation from Samsung for virtual android OS, so just confused .

Please can you share your thoughts on above. I am target Cortex A9 without hardware virtualization support and Cortex A15 with HW virtualization support.

Anshul Makkar
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