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Re: [Xen-devel] Fwd: Re: Xen 4.3 / 4.4 - concurrent APIs, VGA Passthru

On 08/02/2014 11:49 AM, Georg Bege wrote:
Hello again

Well so far I can now tell, I tested it on WinXP x64 quite a lot
- most things are working.
Including AAA games like Witcher 2, I didnt try a very memory consuming
game yet.
But I dont really think that I have the same bug you are refering to -
in WinXP x64 the /PATCHTPR boot flag did help greatly, it really boosted
the performance to near native.

What does this flag do? Googling for it found no results.

I dont think I encountered any memory usage, used like applications
consuming the first 4GB of the DomU.

I am inclined to agree, you aren't hitting the same problem.

Im trying to figure what to do for Windows 7, its working good too -
even with VGA Passthrough,
but its almost always consuming 33%-80% CPU usage for no reason...

Can you check from within the domU which process is eating CPU? Or are you saying that with Windows 7 inside your domU task manager is showing 0% CPU usage but xentop is showing 33-80% CPU usage?

I also stumpled upon the issue that if you reboot a VGA Passthru DomU
then that the GFX adapter looses performance (which was explained
somewhere in the docs already).

That is _very_ wrong. That only happens on ATI GPUs, I have never seen that happen with an Nvidia GPU.

Atm. all this is done with Xen 4.4 - Im not sure why I would go back to
Xen 4.3, Xen is improving greatly over each version I think, that older
versions have more (unfixed) issues is quite logical.

IMO that doesn't follow for any software. More feature doesn't mean fewer bugs, usually the opposite.

I just wonder what I can do for Win7 performance wise so that I can test
things like Borderlands 2 you referred to... or any other high memory
usage application.

Borderlands 2 runs under XP64 just fine. I'm not sure what else to suggest, I rebuilt one of my two XP64 VMs to Win7 x64 the other day relatively painlessly. Same config, just different disk image. No problems so far.


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