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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] fix qemu building with older make

>>> On 30.07.14 at 11:22, <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You aren't expected to support users installing Xen 4.5 onto SLE10
> though, surely? After general support and into long term support even?.

No. I just like to do all development work centrally on one master
system, expecting to also test there.

> For development purposes across multiple trees do chroot+bind mounts or
> VMs not suffice?

I don't know if or how this could be leveraged. For none of the self
built components I use (binutils, gcc, Xen, kernel to name the most
important ones) I build packages; instead everything gets built using
plain make. Of course, for the hypervisor this would be fairly easy
to change, as there's no involved installation associated with it.
Which is, along with the option of just using a self-built make, why I
said I could probably live with the lowest common denominator tools
versions raised.

But as soon as it gets to building/using the tool stack, this would
change. And obviously I can't do much without that one, albeit the
main purpose of testing the hypervisor on as heterogeneous
hardware as possible would still be full-fillable to a certain degree
(i.e. at least boot testing would still be possible, and most other
stuff I do on systems with newer distro versions anyway).

Yet as we've seen with the various replies so far, there's no
uniform opinion one way or another anyway, and hence I would
think sticking to the currently documented tools versions is the
more compatible approach as long as no too involved workarounds
are needed to continue being able to use them.


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