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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG] Only 1 VCPU is detected in Xen 4.1 - "A valid RSDP was not found"

On 22/07/14 09:26, John Mok wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Is there any workarounds, e.g. hard-coded or Xen grub parameters of
> ox07f6bd000, such that the Xen hypervisor could detect
> RSDP and parse MP tables correctly ?
> Thank you,   John Mok

Please stop dropping xen-devel from the CC list.

There is, at present, no override for Xen to manually set the RSDP.

As for the MP table; It appears well formed and actively wrong.

Unless you are specifically looking to do something EFI based, I suggest
you use GPT and legacy boot.  There is still a lot of work-in-progress
to get Xen EFI working sensibly.  In this specific case, grub is calling
ExitBootServices() before handing off to Xen, leaving Xen functionally
crippled as far as booting goes.


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