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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 5/5] make: Make "src-tarball" target actually make a source tarball

On 07/16/2014 04:06 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
George Dunlap writes ("[PATCH 5/5] make: Make "src-tarball" target actually make a 
source tarball"):
At the moment, making a release tarball is an annoyingly manual
process that involves running "git archive" into a temporary directory.
+src-tarball: subtree-update
+       bash ./tools/misc/mktarball $(XEN_ROOT) $$(git describe)
Does this absolutely have to depend on subtree-update ?  Perhaps we
need a new "make the subtrees exist" target ?

I'll add a "subtree-find" command (perhaps renaming the other to "subtree-force-update"; then as per IanC's suggestion, I'll make this depend on subtree-force-update unless some sensible parameter is set.

diff --git a/tools/misc/mktarball b/tools/misc/mktarball
+function finish {
+    [[ -n "$tdir" ]] && rm -rf $tdir
The use of the POSIX syntax
    finish() {
seems much more prevalent in-tree, than the use of `function'.


+trap finish EXIT
The EXIT trap handler should probably `set +e'.


+function git_archive_into {
+    mkdir "$2"
+    git --git-dir="$1"/.git \
+       archive --format=tar HEAD | \
+       tar Cxf "$2" -
+if [[ -z "$1" || -z "$2" ]] ; then
+  echo "usage: $0 path-to-XEN_ROOT xen-version"
+  exit 1
+mkdir -p $xen_root/dist/
+tdir="$(mktemp -d $xen_root/dist/xen.XXXXXXXX)"
Why not use a fixed filename ?  This script isn't safe for concurrent
invocation anyway, because the output filename is (mostly) fixed.

I'm not so much worried about concurrent invocation per se, but about dealing with stuff possibly left over from a previous run. If we use a fixed path, we have to always rm -rf the path before starting, which seems unnecessarily risky to me. (Or we could not rm -rf the path, which is even worse from a consistency point of view.) Creating a new temporary directory just seems like the cleanest, safest thing to do. It's not like it's that expensive.

(Re concurrent invocation: The output filename may collide, but at least you'll get a consistent snapshot of that one particular tree. What I'd be more worried about is racing with make subdir-force-update and getting inconsisent subtree archives.)

If you do that you can do away with the trap handler entirely.  You
should probably make git_archive_into delete the destination

I'm not sure what the fixed filename has to do with cleanup -- I would want to remove the temporary directory on a failure regardless.

+GZIP=-9v tar cz -f $xen_root/dist/xen-$desc.tar.gz -C $tdir xen-$desc
+echo "Source tarball in $xen_root/dist/xen-$desc.tar.gz"
\ No newline at end of file
No newline at end of file.



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