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Re: [Xen-devel] AMD NPT support for Xen memory events

On 16/07/14 05:38, Abhiroop Dabral wrote:

I was looking at the code for the memory events for guest domain in "xen/arch/xen/mm/mem_event.c". In the function "mem_event_domctl()" for the case "XEN_DOMCTL_MEM_EVENT_OP_ACCESS", there is a comment that "Currently only EPT is supported" and then a check is made for the vmx presence and control returns if it is not Intel VT with an error. 
I am trying to make the memory events working on AMD SVM with NPT support. 
My question is that is there a specific reason why AMD NPT is supported there?
The things I should keep in mind/work on to support the memory events on AMD NPT.
(Working on Xen 4.4 on HVM guests (windows XP 32 bit -PAE)

I am not aware of any technical reasons why AMD support could not be added.

I don't know why there is still a VMX check.  c/s d928515d76 took out an EPT check and that appears to have been fine.

Try it and see - it could be as easy as just deleting the vmx check.

It would certainly be nice to try and get some parity back in our feature sets; a number of new features arrive as Intel-only because they were developed on Intel systems, rather than a specific reason why the feature wouldn't work on AMD.

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