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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 00/13] Build and test rump kernel xenstore-ls


 01/13  selectguest: log a message
 02/13  BuildSupport: make selectbuildhost modify @ARGV
 03/13  sg-run-job: Support toggling `adding' by repeating `+'
 04/13  building: Delete when cloning, not when preparing $builddir
 05/13  make-flight: rumpuserxen tests: use same buildjob for all guests


 06/13  ts-xen-build: Allow specification of make targets
 07/13  ts-xen-build: Honour cmdprefix_configure, cmdprefix_make
 08/13  rump kernel tests: Do a xen.git tools build


 09/13  rump kernel tests: Use guest-specific fs images location
 10/13  rump kernel tests: Specify kernel via runvar
 11/13  rump kernel tests: Specify cmdline via runvar
 12/13  ts-guest-destroy-hard: New script
 13/13  rump kernel tests: Run xenstore-ls demo                             

I have not yet run a full flight with this - I have only bench-tested
it.  I'm about to set a flight off to see how it does.

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