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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC V5 2/5] Libxl Domain Snapshot API Design

On Mon, 2014-07-07 at 15:46 +0800, Bamvor Jian Zhang wrote:
> Libxl Domain Snapshot API Design

Thanks for splitting the libxl layer into a separate document. I think
it is useful to consider this bit first in isolation before getting hung
up on how xl might make use of it.

> 1. New Structures
>     Domain snapshot introduces two new structures:
>     - "libxl_domain_snapshot" store domain snapshot information, it contains
>        libxl_disk_snapshot array.
>     - "libxl_disk_snapshot" stores disk snapshot related information.

>     Struct Details:
>     libxl_disk_snapshot = Struct("disk_snapshot",[

I wonder if this should incorporate a libxl_device_disk (either inline
or by reference), or perhaps even simply merged into the disk struct.

I think this would remove the need for the device, file, format and path
fields and be more logical IMHO.

>         ("device",        string),              /* The name of disk: hda, hdc 
> */
>         ("name",          string),              /* The name of disk snapshot.
>                                                  * Usually it is inherited 
> from
>                                                  * libxl_domain_snapshot.
>                                                  */
>         ("file",          string),              /* The new disk file after
>                                                  * external snapshot. empty 
> for
>                                                  * internal snapshot.
>                                                  */
>         ("format",        libxl_disk_format),   /* The format of external
>                                                  * snapshot file. For the
>                                                  * internal snapshot, it's
>                                                  * ignored and it should be
>                                                  * LIBXL_DISK_FORMAT_UNKNOWN
>                                                  */
>         ("path",          string),              /* The path of current disk
>                                                  * backend. It gets from
>                                                  * libxl_device_disk_getinfo.
>                                                  * It will be force-empty when
>                                                  * store domain snapshot
>                                                  * configuration in order to
>                                                  * hide this from users.
>                                                  */
>         ])
>     libxl_domain_snapshot = Struct("domain_snapshot",[
>         ("name",          string),              /* The name of the domain
>                                                  * snapshot. It should not be
>                                                  * empty.
>                                                  */
>         ("description",   string),              /* The description of 
> snapshot.
>                                                  * It could be empty.
>                                                  */
>         ("creation_time", uint64),              /* The creation time of domain
>                                                  * snapshot which is the epoch
>                                                  * second from 1, Jan 1970.
>                                                  */
>         ("memory",        string),              /* The path to save domain
>                                                  * memory image. 'empty' means
>                                                  * it is a disk-only snapshot.
>                                                  * note that "yes" or "no" is
>                                                  * not allowed, this is 
> different
>                                                  * from xl.snapshot.pod.5

Encoding all of that into a string with some strings having magic
properties isn't the right design.

This should be a defbool or a bool indicating whether or not memory is
included and a separate string which is the path if it is included.

>         /* Following state represents the domain state in the beginning of 
> snapshot.
>          * These state gets from libxl_domain_info.

What is this used for?

>          */
>         ("running",       bool),
>         ("blocked",       bool),
>         ("paused",        bool),
>         ("shutdown",      bool),
>         ("dying",         bool),
>         /* The array of disk snapshot information belong to this domain 
> snapshot. */
>         ("disks", Array(libxl_disk_snapshot, "num_disks")),
>         ])
> 2. New Functions
>   2.1 Management functions for domain snapshot config file (libxl-json 
> format).
>     /* There are two type of config file relative to domain snapshot: user
>      * config file and internal domain snapshot configuration file(libxl-json
>      * format). The relation of the two config files are like xl.cfg and
>      * libxl-json for domain configuration.
>      * The user visiable config file (KEY=VALUE format) is only used for
>      * creation. The internal domain snapshot config file is located at
>      * "/var/lib/xen/snapshots/<domain_uuid>"\
>      * snapshotdata-<snapshot_name>.libxl-json". This file is only for 
> internal
>      * usage, not for users. user should not modify the libxl-json format 
> file.
>      *
>      * Currently, libvirt use XML format snapshot configuration file for user
>      * both input(snapshot create) and output(snapshot-dumpxml). And libvirt
>      * qemu driver store with xml format as internal usage as well.
>      * For libxl, if libxl hope it is easy to migrate domain between different
>      * toolstack, then all the toolstack should use the same internal config
>      * file: libxl-json format. it will not affect the user experience. e.g. 
> xl
>      * will use the KEY=VALUE format while libvirt will use the xml format.
>      */

There is a bunch of stuff here which IMHO does not belong in the libxl
API. In general libxl should be providing the mechanisms for doing
things but the policies and management (i.e. where to save things,
listing, deleting etc) belong in the application.

So all of the stuff to do with config file parsing and specification of
paths where things should be stored are issues for the toolstack and not
libxl. i.e. I'm sure libvirt has its own ideas about these things
already, which we should use, and I would expect things like the
location for the disk snapshots to be passed to xl snapshot somehow.

AFAICT the libxl API should be
    libxl_domain_snapshot_save(libxl_ctx *ctx, uint32_t domid,
                const char *name, libxl_domain_snapshot *snapshot)

Which should take a snapshot of domain domid using parameters from the
snapshot object and update snapshot with the specifics. The caller would
have to supply any necessary paths etc in the snapshot object. It might
be better to split libxl_domain_snapshot onto two, one representing the
parameters for a snapshot and one representing the resulting snapshot.

libxl shouldn't be doing anything with parsing json objects, storing
snapshot config files or picking/mandating the output paths or anything
like that.

Of course the application might choose to make use of the very
convenient libxl functions for converting libxl structs to/from json.
libvirt has an XML config format already, there is no reason not to use
it in that context.

Likewise on snapshot restore (or revert):
    libxl_domain_snapshot_restore(ctx, libxl_domain_snapshot *snapshot, 
should take the snapshot and make a new domain out of it. (someone would
need to specify what happens if another domain exists already in that
snapshot chain etc).

Any management of sets of snapshots, paths to be saving them in,
listing, deleting etc is down to the application.

>   2.2 functions for disk snapshot operations

Do these need to be exposed separately? You lbixl_domain_snapshot struct
already has a mechanism for indicating whether memory should be included
in the snapshot, so aren't all these functions equiavalent to the
domain_snapshot ones but with memory=no?

Anyway, if you think these are necessary then I think the same general
comments apply. libxl should be providing a mechanism for taking a
snapshot into an application provided location. But the application is
responsible for managing them, listing them, deciding where they should
live etc.


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