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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5 2/8] tools/libxc: pull min/max_t into xc_private.h

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH v5 2/8] tools/libxc: pull min/max_t into 
> There are generally useful.

Sorry for not spotting this but: names matching "*_t" are by the C
spec "reserved for the implementation".  This is not a problem in the
hypervisor because that is compiled without the system headrs.

In practice what this means is that it is possible that porting the
tools to a new platform might involve renaming these macros.  So we
don't need to fix it right now unless we really feel like it.

But we mustn't let the scope of these increase to include guest-side

(Also "min_t" is a very funny name for a function macro like this one.
To me it implies a type.)


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