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Re: [Xen-devel] Python 3 support

On 07/07/14 00:11, Alex Xu wrote:
> Please CC me on replies.
> Is there any Python 3 support planned?

Not specifically, although it certainly would be nice to get done.

>  I would like to write my libxl
> scripts in Python 3 instead of 2.

Which bits are you looking for py3 support with?

> I tried searching the mailing list archives and Google but got no useful
> answers.
> I tried porting Xen manually using such blunt instruments as 2to3 -w,
> but encountered obvious difficulties due to the complexity of the code.

The compiled python extensions shouldn't be too hard to adjust to being Py3 compatible.  There are a standard set of macros used for making Py2 and Py3 .so's from a single source.

The python scripts however are rather more difficult.  For better or for worse, our current support statement is for Python 2.3 and later, which vastly limits the ability to make join Py2/Py3 single .py files

Changing the supported version to 2.4 would help a little, but wouldn't make it much easier.  We certainly can't move the minimum supported version to anything newer than 2.4 for the forseeable future, as RHEL/CentOS 5.x era OSes are still in supported and active use.

There is probably some work which can be done to make 2to3 more effective.


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