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Re: [Xen-devel] ResettRe: [v5][PATCH 0/5] xen: add Intel IGD passthrough support

Il 03/07/2014 21:09, Jesse Barnes ha scritto:
Practically speaking, we could probably assume specific CPU/PCH combos,
as I don't think they're generally mixed across generations, though SNB
and IVB did have compatible sockets, so there is the possibility of
mixing CPT and PPT PCHs, but those are register identical as far as the
graphics driver is concerned, so even that should be safe.

I guess the driver could do that if it finds an unknown PCH device ID. But encoding it in the subsystem device ID could also work and it would be easy to do in the hypervisor.

Beyond that, the other MCH data we need to look at is mirrored into the
GPU's MMIO space on current gens.

Heh, that's exactly the same as the paravirtualized solution we were suggesting. ;)


On older gens, we do need to poke at
the memory controller a bit to get some info (see
intel_setup_mchbar()), but that's not true of newer stuff.  Looks like
we only short circuit that on VLV though; we could probably do it on

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