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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v10 2/5] remus: add libnl3 dependency for network buffering support

On Fri, 2014-06-06 at 01:45 -0500, Shriram Rajagopalan wrote:

> IIRC, starting with GCC 4.6, that check is not needed anyway, because
> gcc will prevent unused shared libraries from being linked into libxl.
> However,
> with earlier GCC versions, these libraries will get linked unless the
> -as-needed flag
> is supplied. Which was the reason I had that check in place.

passing -lfoo is still an error if libfoo.so isn't even present though,
right? That's one of the situations which may arise since this is an
optional feature.

Anyway, I think we still support gcc < 4.6 so we need to keep this
conditional stuff around.



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