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Re: [Xen-devel] pygrub fails with NameError: name 'fs' is not defined

Am 10.05.2014 03:12, schrieb Sven Köhler:
> Now the issue here seems to be that boot sector of /dev/md4 is a little
> screwed up. Namely, fdisk -l /dev/md4 seems to report an empty partition
> table. This is not the case for other domU I have. Maybe, the
> boot-sector is to MBR like after running grub-install /dev/xvda1 inside
> the domU. Or maybe after trying LILO. I don't know.

Yes, it was GRUB, it seems. The first sector of md4 contained GRUB code
and also the MBR signature (0x55 0xAA at offset 510) and so pygrub must
have thought that he's dealing with an MBR partition table. I should
point out, that the partition table was empty (all zeros) and this must
have lead to the undefined fs variable. The case of an empty partition
table seems to lead to this bug.


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