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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v4] Hvmloader: Modify ACPI to only supply _EJ0 methods for PCIslots that support hotplug by runtime patching

On Fri, 2014-05-09 at 09:45 +0000, Gonglei (Arei) wrote:
> > And it also seem pretty pointless to send a v4 without addressing
> > all comments you got on v3.
> > 
> I don't think so. I have absorbed Ian's all suggestion on v3. And for other 
> questions have been answered too, in despite of is me or not.

Actually you haven't answered "Why is runtime patching the only
option here?" which was originally phrased as:
> > Which appears to involve an awful lot of jumping through hoops... Please
> > can you explain why it is necessary, as opposed to e.g. using a dynamic
> > set of SSDTs?

On an unrelated note I think the provenance of the python scripts (i.e.
where they came from), and in particular the details of their
relicensing should be in the main commit message for future reference.


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