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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v5] Autoconf: add options to enable spice and usbredir in qemu upstream

Fabio Fantoni writes ("Re: [PATCH v5] Autoconf: add options to enable spice and 
usbredir in qemu upstream"):
>     Yes, I meant there should be one argument to the Xen configure script
>     that specifies all the extra options to qemu.  That way when a new
>     qemu option appears, it's transparently available.
> You mean to have only one xen configure (and boolean) option that enabled all
> additional optionals qemu features?
> If yes I not think is good, if some users want enable only 1 or more of them
> but not all couldn't.
> If not can you explain better please?

No, not one boolean option.  Either one option that takes a string
argument, or one option that can be used multiple times to provide
successive arguments to qemu's configure.

The idea is that we won't have to update this again when the next qemu
configure option comes up (or when someone wants to supply an option
to qemu's configure that we hadn't anticipated they would want to


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