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[Xen-devel] [RFC] about libxl snapshot


i have sent a patch about implement disk internal snapshot. this is our first
step about snapshot.

our plan about snapshot is:
1, basic disk snapshot support(internal snapshot, qdisk as backend).
2, vm snapshot(memory save, snapshot the whole snapshot with transaction qmp
opeartion, only support internal disk snapshot at this step.
in this step, we plan to add the vm snapshot record in xenstore in domain in
order to management the status of vm snapshot.

in GSOC2013, there is a requirement: "Add VM snapshot functionalities to libxl
save/restore and migration functions". is it mean add a flag to create snapshot
in save, revert snapshot in restore besides the dedicated vm snapshot command?
or just implement the snapshot in save, restore and migration?
it might be more clear for user if there is a dedicated snapshot command.

3, some "advanced" feature such driver-mirror, support other backend.

when i prepare to send this out, i found that there is a GSOC project during
community review this week. i am sorry about i do not send this discussion
eariler. sorry if i break the plan of xen community.



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