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[Xen-devel] GSOC 2014 - Project Queries

Hi All,

I'm very sorry if i mailed at the wrong mailing list.
I'm a master's computer science student very much enthusiastic about the area of Virtualization and Hypervisors and I would like to be a part of the Open Source community by taking part in the GSOC-2014 program with Xen. I have looked at the Xen project ideas and i would be interested to work on them, I am specifically curious about the projects - Allowing guests to boot with a passed-through GPU as the primary display. and VM Snapshots.
I have started by looking into the xen architecture and it'd be great to get some starting points or to get in touch with someone regarding the project. Please help me by suggesting anything regarding the same.

Also I wanted to know if there's a different IRC channel for GSOC, I'm available on the ##xen channel under the nick - theVoodooChild.

Looking forward to any reply.


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