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Re: [Xen-devel] Release, RC5, and branching

On 02/21/2014 04:16 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
George Dunlap writes ("Release, RC5, and branching"):
So it's now been several days, and no one has reported any major issues
with RC4.  There are a handful of ARM-related fixes in the tree.

I propose that we tag RC5 today, and make that the official release
(whenever we're ready to with the Linux Foundation PR process).

After tagging RC5 this afternoon, I don't see much reason not to branch
-- I don't think at this point we're going to get much more testing in.
OK.  I'll do the branch after the RC5 tarball is made.

Also we should do the checklist items that involve changes to the
xen.git tree, ASAP after RC5 and branching, so that ideally we get a
test push from the new staging-4.4 branch onto stable-4.4 before the

Yes, please do the branch.

How sure are we that the qemu trees we will be releasing with are the
ones in RC5 ?  If we're sure then we could make the release tags now.

Is there a cost to waiting for the release tags? I don't know exactly how we want to arrange the timing of the release with the press announcement, but if it wouldn't cause too much hassle / risk of missing something, it might be better to wait until the day of our official announcement, probably a week monday.


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