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[Xen-devel] [OSSTEST PATCH 0/6] Prepare for move to new VM

We're trying to move off the creaking server "woking"; as an interim
move, we have a new VM "osstest" on the same Citrix internal network.

 1/6 git: Use "git foo" rather than "git-foo"
 2/6 production-config: use /home/xc_tftpboot, not /tftpboot
 3/6 readglobalconfig: change default DhcpWatchMethod
 4/6 production-config: authorise iwj@osstest key
 5/6 production-config: do not set WebspaceUrl,, WebspaceFile
 6/6 Executive.pm: Change default ControlDaemonHost

Following a successful adhoc test invoking things the new VM I have
sent this into the osstest push gate already.

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