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Re: [Xen-devel] missing dependency on libxlu_disk_l.h

Olaf Hering writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] missing dependency on libxlu_disk_l.h"):
> On Tue, Feb 18, Ian Jackson wrote:
> > This ought to be taken care of by the build system, provided you don't
> > actually git commit only the change to .l and not the change to .[ch].
> > In the final patch.
> In my case the patch changes only the .l file. I expect that all
> dependencies are written into the Makefile.

Yes, and they are.  But if you edit the .l file, commit it, and then
do various gitish things, you might end up with the .l and the
generated .[ch] having "wrong" timestamps which persuade make not to
rebuild it.

> > Olaf, can you test whether this diff makes the problem go away for you ?
> Ian, xen.rpm is rebuilt often, but the failure happend exactly once.
> I will see if I can force it to fail without the change below.


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