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Re: [Xen-devel] function snprintf() in xen_save_domain.c for debugged

On Thu, Feb 06, Adel Amani wrote:

> I check XCFLAGS_DEBUG that definition at line 27 of file xenguest.h that
> mean's 
> #define XCFLAGS_DEBUG (1 << 1)
> I done 2 migration to amount lvl = XTL_DEBUG; and lvl = XTL_DETAIL; that 
> result
> attached But until i have not log of dirty page(dirty memory)and downtime :-(

Did you already follow the code paths to see why nothing is printed?
Does a simpe 'fprintf(stderr,"STDERR\n"); fprintf(stdout,"STDOUT\n");'
appear in xend.log?

The downtime is the time during domU suspend/resume. Its best measuered
by looking at domU dmesg. Boot the domU with 'initcall_debug' to get an
understanding whats going on during such a suspend/resume cycle.


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