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[Xen-devel] Mini-os port to ARM public repo


I've mentioned earlier [0] that I was working on porting mini-os to arm and Dario suggested making the sources public even if it was still in early stages (and extremely experimental ).

So, here we go. I just published the sources on github

Currently as already mentioned, it's still in very early stages. So don't expect too much. :)

Here's a list of things that has been done so far:
* added a linker script for arm
* building zImage for arm
* adding hypercalls support for arm
* map shared_info page
** currently only events_irq and vtimer_irq are enabled
* binding to VIRQ_DEBUG ( very helpful to test events during porting the OS - press 'q' through serial port to trigger it - )
* included libfdt from freebsd to allow device tree parsing ( only built at the moment, still not used by the code )
* 1-1 virtual memory for whole virtual address space ( mapped as 1 Mb descriptors )
* exception handling ( support for only IRQ atm )
* thread create/switch support for arm ( __arch_switch_threads, create_thread, and run_idle_thread )
* div and mod support for arm ( copied from freebsd )
* wrote a trivial arm gic driver
* wrote a trivial arm generic virtual timer driver ( using CompareValue to trigger interrupts and update wallclock )
* retrieving store pfn and event channel from hypervisor instead of start_info page
* trivial spinlock implementation for arm
* porting os.h file to arm ( barrier, __cli, __sti, irqs_disabled, local_irq_save, local_irq_restore, local_save_flags, and bit operations )

I've also created another list for *some* of the things that needs to be done in ${xen}/extras/mini-os/ARM-TODO.txt in case any body is interested to pick one of them.

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