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Re: [Xen-devel] OSSTest: .../osstest/debian-installer/amd64/current-wheezy/initrd.gz: No such file or directory

On Thu, 2013-10-31 at 08:48 -0400, Ben Guthro wrote:
> 2. armfh mirror was returning 404, failing setup This is the addition
> of the DebianArches stuff to the config file, Osstest.pm, and
> standalone-reset. This allows you to confine your setup (and install
> files) to only those architectures you are interested in. 

I think this is my error when I added the ARM stuff. armhf is only
available from Wheezy (Debian 7.0) onwards while osstest defaults to
Squeeze (Debian 6.0). Obviously I had a local config override to Wheezy
while I worked on this.

I thought I had considered and fixed the case I expect you are hitting
-- obviously not though because neither standalone-reset nor
mg-debian-installer-update shows any sign of it...

I'll have a look.


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