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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen supported LAPIC features

In this case, they were looking for the number of "Local interrupts" and if it 
was zero, they were skipping the rest of the initialization.   They also will 
skip the remainder of the initialization if the IO interrupts is zero but I 
didn't trip over that case.

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On 25/10/2013 20:45, Hoyer, David wrote:
> I wanted to follow up on this discussion just so that the community knows 
> what I have discovered.
> Previously I was running with Xen 4.2.2/Debian(sid) and vxWorks 6.9.3 and was 
> having the problems previously described.   Based on some feedback, I decided 
> to upgrade to vxWorks (their latest) and ran into some new yet 
> different problems.   I debugged it down to an issue with how they were 
> terminating early in the MP table scan if the MP tables did not have certain 
> information in it.   When I removed the early termination and allowed it to 
> resume in spite of this particular data being missing, it suddenly was able 
> to boot up successfully using the loapic timer!  I am also no longer getting 
> the error message that Andrew pointed out earlier.
> Thanks for the help, Andrew.

Thats good news that you have managed to make it work.

Which information is vxWorks expecting from the MP tables which is not present? 
 If it is useful information then we might as well be presenting it.


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