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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] libxl: remove qemu default devices for upstream qemu

Il 10/10/2013 18:49, Anthony PERARD ha scritto:
On Tue, Oct 08, 2013 at 03:54:16PM +0100, George Dunlap wrote:
On 10/08/2013 03:51 PM, Fabio Fantoni wrote:
Il 30/09/2013 13:53, Fabio Fantoni ha scritto:
Remove default devices created by qemu. Qemu will create only devices
defined by xen, since the devices not defined by xen are not usable.
Remove deleting of empty floppy no more needed with nodefault.
Any comment on this?

Thanks for any reply.
It sounds like a good idea to me, but I'm not in a position to
review it.  You should CC Anthony Perard along with Stefano for
patches that have to do with qemu.
After applying the patch, there is three things that goes away:
   - the parallel port
   - an empty cdrom driver, if xl does not ask for one
   - a block device reported by qemu as "sd0"

So, parallel, I suppose that can go away, as it's not usubal (by default
the output go to the graphic output). The "sd0" seems to be an sdcard
slot, but I don't think we can use it from xl. And the last one, the
cdrom driver is also not usubal from xl, if one want to insert a cd into
it, the cdrom driver need to be in the vm config file.

So, I'm happy with the patch:

Acked-by: Anthony PERARD <anthony.perard@xxxxxxxxxx>

Thanks for your reply, can you check also this post please?

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