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Re: [Xen-devel] Powerdown problem on XEN | ACPI S5

On 14/08/13 20:10, Atom2 wrote:
> Hi again Andrew,
> interestingly enough, the new WARN() did not trigger.
> The output on the serial console only grossly lists the same
> information from the WARN() in qinval.c:223 we have already seen before.
> In any case, please find the (this time: complete) new log attached to
> this mail.
> BTW I have double-checked, whether I have copied the correct file to
> /boot by grepping for your "**Debug: ..." message and it was found in
> the (uncompressed) xen-test.gz file which is started from grub.
> Many thanks again.

Hmm - curious.  That would indicate that the timeout occurs during the
very first attempt to shut down the iommu

Can you grab the full log with "iommu=1,debug,verbose" ?

Can you also please attach "lspci -vv" and "lspci -tv" from dom0


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