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Re: [Xen-devel] [Seeking input] Format of Xen Project Developer Summit in October

I concur with Jan. There is already so much going on that week with LKS
> and LinuxCon, XenSummit, and meeting other people in the halls - that
> having everybody in one room would make it much easier to have discussions.
The only thing we will be competing with during XenSummit is LKS (which affects you and Stefano mainly) and ourselves. Automotive Linux Summit and ELCE (Embedded Linux Conf) is on, but the majority of us don't really have conflicts with these.

KVM Forum has a harder time this year, overlapping with LC and CloudOpen. 

The Dev Meeting will be a little harder, but on Wed afternoon all the other events will start to frizzle out (with the exception of LKS which starts on the Wed). If there are concerns, we could get a space later in the afternoon and order warm food and beer at the Dev Meeting (instead of coffee and snacks).


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