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[Xen-devel] [Seeking input] Format of Xen Project Developer Summit in October

Hi all,

last year, we had two parallel tracks at the Developer Summit : some felt, this was positive - others felt, we should go back to a single track. Also, the discussion sessions at this year's Hackathon were very effective and popular. We are also having our first User Summit in September: so I expect that there will be less user content at the Developer Summit.

I have booked two rooms for the Xen Developer summit, which means we have a number of options: Option 1) We could run two parallel content tracks for most of the event (assuming we have enough content) Option 2) We could use the second room for in-depth discussions (using an unconference scheduling mechanism as we have done at the Hackathon: if you want to know how this works do read http://blog.xen.org/index.php/2013/05/28/event-report-xen-hackathon-2013/ - we would use a simplified version of the mechanism described). These would run in parallel to the main program, for example in the afternoon. In other words, we would have "BoF type meetings decided on the day" or "hacking sessions" or "get started with X" or "how do we solve problem Z" etc. that would happen in the second room in parallel to talks.
Option 3) A mixture of both

Please let me know your views by voting in public. Example "+1 for option 3", "+1 for option 1", ...


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