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[Xen-devel] xen interrupt

Hi, all

These days I read the source code about xen interrupts. When physical
interrupts arrive, in xen source code, do_IRQ will decide which will deal
with the physical interrupt, by xen or the guest os. If the physical
interrupt should be dealt with by guest os. Then the case __do_irq_guest()
will be executed. In __do_irq_guest() function, the corresponding event
channel will be delivered to the guests that are registered the irq. My
question is that in the guest os, how to decide whether the irq is to
itself? Eg, a guest A request a file from a disk, after the disk finished to
get the file, will generate a disk interrupt. The disk interrupt should only
be delivered to the guest A. Maybe all of the guest virtual machines
registered the  disk interrupt. __do_irq_guest will deliver the disk
interrupt to all of the virtual machines. In the virtual machine, how to
decide the disk interrupt was generated by its requested file? 

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