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[Xen-devel] [PATCH V3 00/03] xen: public interface and foreign struct check changes for arm

This is v3 of the series. The bits about evtchn xen_ulong_t have already
gone in so what remains is about extending the foreign checks to cover
more structs on ARM, so as to get better coverage for ABI compatibility
between arm32 and arm64.

The main change since last time is to only ifdef struct start_info
instead of moving it as requested/suggested by Jan. This required
teaching mkheader.py about such things. This also means that equivalent
Linux side change is no longer really worth it, so I won't be resending
that bit (CCing Konrad here just FYI).

I also added an extra patch which causes mkchecker to actually confirm
that arm32/arm64 are compatible.


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