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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 00/14] xen: arm: 64-bit dom0 kernel support

The following implements hypervisor support for booting an arm64 Linux
kernel as a dom0 onto of a 64-bit hypervisor. This works with both 32-
and 64-bit root filesystems (as you'd expect).

I'll post the kernel side too but note that it is very much WIP, I'm
just throwing this out there prior to going AFK for 3 weeks next week. 

I haven't yet tried a guest (even 32-bit) on top of this kernel, I know
for a fact that the kernel side of this work isn't up to it (mainly
because no sync bitops -> no event channels). For the same reason 64-bit
64-bit guests don't work yet.

The series is built on top of "arm: host SMP support" from last week.

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