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[Xen-devel] Will Xen 4.3 use upstream QEMU by default ?

Hi folks,
>From the roadmap for Xen 4.3 development, Xen 4.3 will use upstream QEMU 
>(partially done).
So I'd like to confirm the following questions.

1. Will Xen 4.3 really use upstream QEMU by default ? 
        I have the question because so far the xen.git tree still uses 
qemu-xen-unstable by default.

2. If 'yes' for 1st question, which QEMU upstream will be used in Xen 4.3 ?
        In xen.git, upstream QEMU URL is " 
        but, the repository of pure QEMU upstream is " 

Best Regards,
     Yongjie (Jay)

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