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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update

>> * Multi-page blk rings (external)
>>  - blkback in kernel roger@citrix
>>  - qemu blkback
>>   status: Overall blk architecture being discussed
>>   prognosis: Fair
> I think we came up with so many design things that Roger is going to
> be burried with this for a year or so :-(
> But I would say that the 'multi-page' aspect of this (which I think
> is actually the indirect descriptor) is going to show up in v3.10.
> Which is two months away. The only Xen patches are to update the
> protocol description.

It sounds like we're actually talking about different things -- it
seems like you're talking about a large blk protocol architecture
rewrite, whereas I think I had always intended this just to be about
multi-page blk rings, as that was percieved to be a scalability
limitation.  If the multi-page aspect will turn up within a few months
of the 4.3 release, I think that still counts as a success for this

If that aspect looks good, can we mark this one as "Good" instead of "Fair"?


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