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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update

> == Not yet complete ==
> * PVH mode (w/ Linux)
>   owner: mukesh@oracle
>   status (Linux): 3rd draft patches posted.
>   status (Xen): RFC submitted
>   prognosis: Tech preview only

Mukesh was going to post an RFC this week but that has to be

> * Persistent grants for blk (external)
>   owner: roger@citrix
>   status: qemu patches submitted
>   prognosis: Good
> * Persistent grants for net
>   owner: annie.li@citrix
>   status: Initial implementation not getting expected gains; more
> investigation requried
>   prognosis: Poor

Going to be delayed further. Might as well move it out out of Xen 4.3
feature list to Xen 4.4.
> * Multi-page blk rings (external)
>  - blkback in kernel roger@citrix
>  - qemu blkback
>   status: Overall blk architecture being discussed
>   prognosis: Fair

I think we came up with so many design things that Roger is going to
be burried with this for a year or so :-(

But I would say that the 'multi-page' aspect of this (which I think
is actually the indirect descriptor) is going to show up in v3.10.
Which is two months away. The only Xen patches are to update the
protocol description.

> * Multi-page net protocol (external)
>   owner: ijc@citrix or annie.li@oracle
>   status: Initial patches posted (by Wei Liu)
>   prognosis: Poor
>   expand the network ring protocol to allow multiple pages for
>   increased throughput
> * vTPM updates
>   owner: Matthew Fioravante @ Johns Hopkins
>   status: some patches submitted, more in progress
>   prognosis: Good
>   - Allow all vTPM components to run in stub domains for increased security
>   - Update vtpm to 0.7.4
>   - Remove dom0-based vtpmd

I think we are waiting for Matthew. He posted the Linux ones but
they need to be updated. Could make it for v3.10.

.. snip..
> * Xen EFI feature: pvops dom0 able to make use of EFI run-time
> services (external)
>  owner: Daniel Kiper
>  status: Just begun
>  prognosis: Probably not for 4.3 (?)

Not for 4.3. Might not even be ready for v3.10.
> * Xen EFI feature: Xen can boot from grub.efi
>  owner: Daniel Kiper
>  status: Just begun
>  prognosis: Fair

Not sure, Daniel?

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