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Re: [Xen-devel] [qemu-upstream-4.2-testing test] 16779: regressions - FAIL

Alex Bligh writes ("Re: [qemu-upstream-4.2-testing test] 16779: regressions - 
> I haven't yet (though possibly from failure to get hold of the relevant
> OS version). I'd actually appreciate some code review with the last of the
> qemu patches as I was unsure what was meant to be going on (as per
> last message to Stefano).

Well, I have reproduced this.  I was hoping to actually debug it but
gdb is having no luck getting a useful stack trce out of
qemu-system-i386, even after I removed a bunch of bizarre compiler
options and rebuilt it.

I can bisect it so that's what I'll do next I guess.


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