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Re: [Xen-devel] How the domain gives its memory back when destroyed?

>>> On 01.03.13 at 17:04, Kai Luo <luokain@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>    Recently I'm reading the code that will be used when a hvm domain is
> destroyed,including some importent methods such as domain_kill(),
> domain_relinguish_resource(),domain_destroy() and so on.
>     Theoretically,there must be some methods that calls
> free_domheap_pages() and relinquish the domain's memory,however, I can't
> find the corresponding codes that do this job.relinquish_memory()  has
> something to do with this but not enouth,after this the memory is still
> held by the dead domain.
>     I have read the source tree over and over,finding no clue.That's so
> frustrating.Can you give me some sugguestion?Thank you very much!

Did you perhaps overlook put_page() calling free_domheap_page()?


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