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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 1/15]: PVH xen: turn gdb_frames/gdt_ents into union

>>> On 25.01.13 at 10:38, Tim Deegan <tim@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> At 18:04 -0800 on 24 Jan (1359050661), Mukesh Rathor wrote:
>> Also, I really dont' like field names likes "addr" or "sz". I really
>> don't wanna grep or cscope for them.
> I'm fairly strongly in the other camp -- I almost never find myself
> grepping for leaf-node names, but having unions called 'u' and repeating
> type or scope information in names both annoy the crap out of me. :)
> Anyway, it seems like Jan agrees with you on the naming, so I'll let it
> slide.  Can I suggest you call the new fields gdt_addr and gdt_sz, to
> match the underscores in the existing fields?

Actually I don't really. I prefer short field names (namely
without them repeating containing structure's names), and
consider the ones with extra prefixes or suffixes relics from
the K&R days.

As to "u" for unions, I think that's the closest we can get to
short of not naming them at all (which C89 doesn' allow). I
would even be tempted to introduce an abstraction to make
them unnamed conditionally (i.e. when a capable compiler is
being detected).


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