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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v4 00/13] vTPM new ABI, extensions

This series is the same as v3, just rebased on the now-applied v9 vtpm
stubdomain patches and with Acks added. One patch has been dropped (PCR
pass-through to the hardware TPM) as its implementation was incomplete.

Automatic vTPM shutdown is removed by patch #8, but this automatic
shutdown breaks the GRUB vTPM support added by patch #6 will also not
handle automatic shutdown if the guest does not use the vTPM (module not
loaded, for example). Now that state saving is atomic (patch #5), the
vTPM can be destroyed using "xl destroy" or similar calls at any time
after the guest is destroyed, or a proper shutdown can be issued (which
should also now be supported).

New ABI patches:
    [PATCH 01/13] mini-os/tpm{back,front}: Change shared page ABI
    [PATCH 02/13] stubdom/vtpm: correct the buffer size returned by
    [PATCH 03/13] stubdom/vtpm: Support locality field

New vTPM features:
    [PATCH 04/13] mini-os/tpm{back,front}: Allow device repoens
    [PATCH 05/13] stubdom/vtpm: make state save operation atomic
    [PATCH 06/13] stubdom/grub: send kernel measurements to vTPM

Support for multiple client domains distinguished by locality:
    [PATCH 07/13] stubdom/vtpm: Add locality-5 PCRs
    [PATCH 08/13] stubdom/vtpm: support multiple backends
    [PATCH 09/13] mini-os/tpmback: set up callbacks before enumeration
    [PATCH 10/13] mini-os/tpmback: Replace UUID field with opaque pointer
    [PATCH 11/13] mini-os/tpmback: add tpmback_get_peercontext
    [PATCH 12/13] stubdom/vtpm: constrain locality by XSM label
    [PATCH 13/13] stubdom/Makefile: Fix gmp extract rule

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