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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH sort of] Fix emacs local variable for c-style


On 11/01/13 12:05, David Vrabel wrote:
> Hi,
> The local variable block used through the Xen source using the wrong
> variable to set the C style so it does not work.
> The correct variable to use is c-file-style, as documented in
> http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/ccmode/File-Styles.html
> The following script run from the top level of a clean Xen source tree
> will fix the incorrect variables (and commit the result).

What do you want to do with this?  Are you happy to run the script and
commit the result?  Or would you prefer a patch?


> The diffstat is large (see below) so I'm not including the patch.
> David
> ---8<-----
> #! /bin/sh
> find . -name "*.[ch]" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i \
>     "s/\\* c-set-style:/\\* c-file-style:/g"
> git commit -a --author "David Vrabel <david.vrabel@xxxxxxxxxx>" -m \
> "Fix emacs local variable block to use correct C style variable.
> The emacs variable to set the C style from a local variable block is
> c-file-style, not c-set-style.
> Signed-off-by: David Vrabel <david.vrabel@xxxxxxxxxx"
> ---8<-----
>  337 files changed, 337 insertions(+), 337 deletions(-)

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