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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v1 01/02] HVM firmware passthrough libxl support

On Mon, 2013-01-21 at 18:35 +0000, Ross Philipson wrote:
> > You could add the module data to the gc too btw and have it take care of
> > everything in that struct, arguably it is less confusing of each struct
> > only contains one "kind" of pointer. (the other option is to pass NOGC
> > to libxl__abs_path and manage that by hand too).
> Ok I can switch all the items in that struct to ones that are gc'ed. I
> noticed there was not GC* macro for a straight allocation. Would adding
> a GCZALLOC for consistency be ok?

I guest neither GCNEW nor GCNEW_ARRAY do what you need do they, so yes I
think that would be fine.

> I guess I misunderstood the use of the LIBXL_HAVE_* defines. So all I
> really need is something like this in libxl.h with a comment about what
> it is:
> Or am I still missing something?

Nope, that it. Just enough so that users can do:

if (opt = get_opt("firmware"))
    d_config->....firmware = opt;
    fprintf(stderr, "Firmware not supported\n");


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