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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.3 development update, and stock-taking

On 17/01/13 12:22, George Dunlap wrote:
> On 17/01/13 10:00, Roger Pau Monne wrote:
>> On 16/01/13 18:55, George Dunlap wrote:
>>> * Persistent grants for blk (external)
>>>    owner: roger.pau@citrix
>>>    status: Initial implementation posted
>>>    prognosis: ?
>> Done, Linux implementation scheduled for 3.8, and Qemu side is also done
>> and being upstreamed right now.
> OK, so I'll mark the Linux component as "done", and the qemu component 
> as "Good".
>>> * Persistent grants for net
>>>    owner: annie.li@citrix
>>>    status: Initial implementation posted
>>>    prognosis: ?
>>> * Multi-page blk rings (external)
>>>   - blkback in kernel (konrad@oracle, ?@intel)
>>>   - qemu blkback
>>>    status: Not started.
>>>    prognosis: UNKNOWN
>> I will be taking on this project, following Intel, FreeBSD and Konrad
>> suggestions. Since I'm just starting now, I will mark it as "Fair".
> OK, thanks for the info.  Out of curiosity, if someone were to consider 
> this a blocker, would having someone else working on it speed things up, 
> do you think?  Or is it development probably "non-parallelizable"? :-)

Let's wait until we have a clear roadmap about how are we going to
handle it. This is not related to Xen itself, so I wouldn't see it as a
blocker, most of the work will be done in the Linux kernel, and the only
hypervisor part of this might be changes to the block protocol (blkif.h)
and the ring (ring.h) protocol.

>>> * openvswitch toostack integration
>>>    owner: roger@citrix
>>>    prognosis: ?
>>>    status: Sample script posted by Bastian ("[RFC] openvswitch support
>>> script")
>> I have no experience with Open vSwitch, so if some with more experience
>> wants to take on this I would appreciate it. It should just be a matter
>> of adding a hotplug script.
> OK -- well shall I take your name off and call this "poor"?  That would 
> put it on the list of "at-risk" features for which we would ask for 
> volunteers.

Maybe we can try to engage Bastian to contribute a more complete script,
that includes support for HVM domains.

>>> * Rationalized backend scripts (incl. driver domains)
>>>    owner: roger@citrix
>>>    status: patches submitted
>>>    prognosis: Good
>> The first part of this effort, that includes a new hotplug interface for
>> libxl has been submitted for review. The protocol between the control
>> and the driver domains still needs to be designed/revised based on Ian
>> Jackson proposal.
> OK -- so, should I downgrade this to "Fair"?

I would say:

Rationalized backend scripts: Good
Driver domains: Fair

> Thanks for the updates,
>   -George

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