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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 7 v2] blktap3: Introduce the tapback daemon (most of blkback in user-space).

This patch series introduces the tapback daemon, the user space daemon that
acts as a device's back-end, essentially most of blkback in user space. The
daemon is responsible for coordinating the front-end and tapdisk. It instructs
the tapdisk to connect to/disconnect from the shared ring, and manages the
state of the back-end.

The shared ring between the front-end and tapdisk is created by a library that
will be introduced in another patch series (the entry point is function
tap_ctl_connect_xenblkif in frontend.c). This library also contains the
functionality that enables tapdisk to directly access the shared ring.

This series requires the RFC series described in
in order to compile.

Changes since v1:
The series has been largely reorganised:
* Renamed the daemon from xenio to tapback.
* Improved description in patch 0.
* Merged structures and functions.
* Disaggregated functionality from the core daemon source file to smaller ones
  in order to facilitate the review process and improve maintenance.

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