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Re: [Xen-devel] S3 resume issues

>>> On 02.01.13 at 17:46, Ben Guthro <ben@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> A difference between Xen 4.0.y and 4.2.y seems to be the removal of the
> boot trampoline fixed address, that much of this is calculated as an offset
> of.
> Could an error in this path cause such a behavior?

The general expectation would be for the system to reboot in such
an event, but of course BIOS/chipset behavior matters here (i.e.
the triple fault causing the reboot might make the BIOS put the
system to sleep again because not all state was cleared properly
by that time). If anything like that happens, putting in #UD or
other exception raising things of course would appear to make no

Having already tried putting the trampoline back at the prior fixed
location (which didn't make a difference you said), there's not much
else I can suggest other than bisection starting from the 4.0.x
baseline you know works on that laptop.

This being a laptop, I suppose it doesn't have a reset switch? Since
if it did, rather than causing an exception (which may not have any
visible effect, as described above) you could store stuff into certain
I/O ports contents of which survives reboot. Or - that would work
even without reset button - store some indicator into an unused
CMOS slot (provided you can find one that doesn't require you to
update the checksum - if nothing else, one of the date fields may
be suitable).


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