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[Xen-devel] Please ack XENMEM_claim_pages hypercall?

George, Ian, Ian, Tim --

After the very extended debate about Oracle's proposed
"memory capacity claim" hypercall, it seemed prudent to
first implement and demonstrate a working model.

A hypervisor patch (and a two-line libxc patch) has
now been completed and reviewed and Jan Beulich has found
it acceptable, so it is now time to return to the
discussion of whether the feature is needed.  The
patch description provides the detailed technical argument:

I believe, in the earlier debate, you were the most
vociferous opponents of this proposed hypercall,
primarily -- if I may attempt to summarize -- because
you believe that your paradigm of a how a toolstack
should manage memory ("omnisciently") renders the proposed
feature unnecessary.  I believe I adequately described
the differences between your paradigm and Oracle's, and
also demonstrated Oracle's customer need for the feature,
but the debate fell silent without your acknowledgement.

While it has always been my understanding that the
hypervisor is intended to be toolstack-independent,
Jan would like your Ack before committing the hypervisor

So if you still object, please state your objections.
Otherwise, please ack, so Jan can commit it and Oracle
can move forward with toolstack development built
on the hypercall.


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